Poothadi Mahakshetram stands first among the many temples situated in the Wayanad District of Kerala. The temple architecture would suggest this was built centuries ago. The affairs of the temple once conducted by Brahamins was brought under the protection of Kshatriyas by Pazhassi Raja and was entrusted under the custodianship of the Poothadi Amma and later of Panoli Kettilamma of Panoor, off Tellicherry.

    The temple complex has the deities of Paradevata, Siva, Vishnu, Bhagwati (Sri Porkali), Bhadrakali, Saraswati, Sastha and Ganapthi. The Paradevata temple has in it the idols of Siva and Vishnu, in their particular manifestations, erected on the same pedestal, a unique feature in Kerala. There are separate idols of Siva and Vishnu as well; and the Saraswati temple here is the only one of its kind in Wayanad. The day to day affairs of the temple complex are guided by the Poothadi Devaswom committee. Also under the Devaswom committee are the temples of Sita, Lava and Kusa at Irulam, a few kilometers away.

Legends and mythological anecdotes describe in vivid detail the faith and devotion of the Hindus staying in and around Poothadi. Major renovation and modification of the entire complex initiated by the late P.C. Kunhikrishnan Nambiar and P.C. Goplan Nambiar of the Panoli lineage is now continued by the Devaswom committee comprising of the Panoli clan as well as representatives of the local devotees including Adivasis.

The rituals and festivals conducted in this temple complex are varied and multifaceted and entail large outlay of human and monetary resources. The centuries old structure and surroundings need substantial face lift and the work on the Dhwaja Pratishta in from of the Vishnu temple is also pending since long due to the lack of funds. The large number of Bhaktas thronging to the temple complex seeking divine blessing believe their prayers are fulfilled here and this belief is resulting in ever increasing demands on the facilities.

The Devaswom committee seeks the wholehearted support from the vast community of Bhaktas and well wishers everywhere by way of offerings and contributions in abundant measure.

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